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Frequently asked questions Answer
What can I film with?  

You can film with a mobile phone or a tablet and accessories (removable lenses etc.).


Can I film with a camera?  

No, only with a mobile phone or a tablet.


Can I use external sound recording accessories?  




1 minute, including credits


Film genre  

All audio-visual forms are accepted: fiction, documentary and all genres, too: romance, horror, science-fiction, western, drama, period, thriller, Z movie, comedy, action, war film, etc.


Do you accept documentaries?  



Can I enter an animated film?  

Films using motion-capture and/or special effects added during editing are more than welcome, as long as the images themselves were filmed via a mobile/tablet.



There is no set theme, you can let your imagination run wild!


Can I add special effects during editing?  



Can I show a brand on-screen?  



Can I promote a brand via my film?  

Selection is open to films of fiction or documentaries only, we will not consider any advertising films.


Can several people be involved in making the film?  

Yes. The entry form allows you to list all the members of your team and their role.


Can I use pre-existing music?  

Yes and No. You must hold the rights to the music you want to use in your film, or, have been authorised to use it by the author or its rights holders – see SACEM


Can I enter more than one video into the competition?  

Yes, you can enter as many films as you like free of charge. It’s free to enter.


I haven’t received confirmation of my entry.  

You should receive an email a few minutes after submitting the online form. If you haven’t received anything within 24 hours after entering, please contact our team.



Subtitles are compulsory in the film language. This is a prerequisite in order for your film entry to be accepted. Note: do not embed the subtitles in your film, you must add them using our partner when submitting your entry (you will automatically receive your login details by email so you can subtitle your film, free of charge).


My film already has subtitles.  

Please send us a version of your film WITHOUT embedded subtitles! You must add them via our partner when submitting your entry: once you have completed the form, you will automatically receive your login details by email, so you can subtitle your film. This is free of charge.


I already have a Dotsub account, can I use it to subtitle my film?  

No, please use the login details we send you by email.


My short film doesn’t need subtitles (silent film without intertitles or credits), is my entry complete?  

Yes. Once you have completed the entry form, you will received an email explaining how to add your subtitles on Dotsub. This email confirms your entry even if your film doesn’t require subtitles.


I haven’t received a confirmation email after adding my translation on Dotsub, is this normal?  

You should receive a confirmation email between 30 minutes and 1 hour after finishing your subtitles on Dotsub. If you don’t receive anything, please contact us as soon as possible.


When will selection be announced?  

The official selection will be announced on our website on 24th January 2017. All entrants will also receive an email informing them whether they have been selected or not.


How many films will be selected?  

This year, 50 films will be selected.


Where can the official selections be viewed?  

The officially selected films can be viewed on our website, Facebook page and YouTube account from 24th January 2017, as well as on the big screen during the prize-giving ceremony which will be held on Tuesday 28th February in Paris.


If I win the grant, can I make my next film on a subject of my choice?  



Choice of producer  

The winner of the BNP Paribas Grant may choose the producer they wish to work with, in agreement with the organisers of the Mobile Film Festival. If they don’t know any, we will introduce them to producers in their country.


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